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Good and bad Feng Shui in bedroom

Good and bad Feng Shui in bedroom The principal function of a bedroom is to promote restful sleep. The arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom should support the healthy sleep and not disturb it. The colours in the bedroom should be calm and subtle so that harmony and peace ensured in the room all […]

The energy that drives the world’s best paid soccer player

The energy that drives the world’s best paid soccer player ©Facebook/Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo was born in early Spring in the Tiger month寅. He has a strong Wooden personality with a Yin Wood element Yute乙 in two Pillars (Year Stem and Day Stem). There are only three elements in the chart: Water, Wood and Earth. Yin […]

Michael Jordan as a billionaire affected by his unlucky Stars

We are all connected to the Heaven and the Stars. These rules are above us and billionaires cannot be exceptions from deep connection and the law of the Heaven. See how Michael Jordan’s Stars affect him and his finances! Michael Jordan suffered losses already in 2017. It is revealed from a recent report that Adidas has […]

Amazing Imperial Chinese Horoscope !

Amazing Imperial Chinese Horoscope Reading Opportunity! If you book your Imperial Chinese Horoscope Reading consultation until 31st October you will get 25% discount! Through the insights available you will gain clarity of the attitudes, reactions and behaviours that enriched or disrupted your relationships, career and health in the past. Positive future prediction for the next […]

Feng Shui can guide first impressions in your home

What do you see when you first awaken in the morning? When you enter each room in your home? When you drive up to your office? When you open your office door? When you drive into your garage? When you enter your home? First impressions are lasting impressions. They set the tone of how you […]