Master Kristina Neuhauser

She is a member of the FS Society UK and accredited teacher (Chue Foundation) who offers a variety of services, consultations and seminars in the UK and across Europe and Asia. She has the expertise and experience to find FS solution for your special needs. She enjoys a long history of success in providing FS solutions for residential and business clients. 

Upcoming Courses

Date selections for
specific occasions

Personal Report and Forecast

Master Kristina Neuhauser has researched extensively over the years and she has many real life examples for selection dates for selling houses, moving house, wedding, starting a business and finding a partner.

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Simple Feng Shui
for Beginners

15-16 December, 2018
Online Course

Course information

An excellent introduction to the key principles of Feng Shui. You will gain knowledge of the key concepts of Feng Shui, which will lead to understanding how the environment affects human wellbeing. 

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Consultation for good luck and health for 2019

What does the  course include?.

Master Kristina will use your BA ZI horoscope and your 24 Heaven Stars.
You would have a strategy what to do and when if you want success and
results for different areas of your life.

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My services and Consultations

How do people benefit from Master”s Chinese astrology consultation?

Do you wish to know more about yourself?
Nothing else can give you  more accurate information about  your personality type, your driving forces, your strength and challenges  in your life than the ancient wisdom of the Chinese astrology.

Are you eager to understand your “universe”?
The Five Elements of your representing the planetary positions  in your life will definitely help you to success  instead of  struggling unnecessarily.

Is your curiosity still not satisfied?
The Yin & Yang analysis of your horoscope will enlighten you about character traits  and talents you did not  even know about as Yin and Yang does notexist in the Western Astrology .

Would it be helpful to have meaningful relationships in your life?
The  Four Pillars of Wisdom  of your birth chart will finally reveal the foundations how your relationship
with family members  and friends colleagues are formed

How about a winning strategy for career , business plans and private life?,Chinese date selection strategy can help youth  determine the most auspicious dates to start a business,
investment for the future business or starting a family.


To find out  your wishes and concerns regarding your property is a priority before the FS consultation. It is good to advise me in an email beforehand.Send an email to me now with your questions and asking for a FS consultation!

How will you benefit from the  ancient Feng Shui wisdom in your modern environment?

Did you ever ask why some individuals seem to be lucky for the most part of their lives while others  are not favoured by good luck ?

The Art of Feng Shui is the ancient calculation or mathematics that can optimize both your daily and overall life experience: vibrant health, good luck in career and private life & longevity. Ask for a FS consultation that can change your bad luck forever!

Ask for a consultation now to be able to live a fulfilled life!

How do you know Feng Shui expertise will bring you and your home the results you wish for?

Mastering Feng Shui requires many years of training.You may have read books about it or tried your
own luck at FS changes in your home without real results. Let me show you the difference between the theory of a Feng Shui book  and the real practical knowledge of a Feng Shui Master.

What kind of  practical advise will be given during the FS consultation to you?
Recommendations for changes  in the house/ flat , on the plot of land, healthy life style  of the inhabitants in the property will be discussed during the consultation to ensure that they fall within both your capabilities and budget. Ask for a FS consultation now to get lucky and healthy!

Chinese horoscope reading

Astrology is not a religion.

You do not have to believe in astrology to participate in a consultation. It is very simple and practical:A deep insight into your stars can only help you to gain better understanding of Yourself.

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Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations

What to expect

The process of consultation is as important as my professionalism of the consultant, and distinguishes high-quality, authentic Feng Shui from the many dilutions and distractions that have appeared over time.

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Prediction Consultations
for 2019

Personal Report and Forecast

Master Kristina Neuhauser has researched extensively over the years and she has many real life examples for selection dates for selling houses, moving house, wedding, starting a business and finding a partner.

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Nature on Earth through my own “Feng Shui glasses”:

Appraisals of Master Kristina’s works:

Clutter Clearing

The amount of clutter I stored in my house was unimaginable to anyone. My husband and I collected old clothes, old papers, heaps of books and thousands of pictures.


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Chinese Horoscope Consultation Result

Ich hoffe es geht dir gut. Danke für dein SEIN, deine Analyse in Bali hat mein Leben mittlerweile vollkommen verändert.


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Feng Shui Course

The Feng Shui teaching you gave me meant the basic tools and appreciation of the link between the environment,
the law of nature to live in harmony at home.

– Murielle Shipyard Agent (France)

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