Prediction course 2019



Authentic Chinese Tungsing for Prediction 2019

This advanced course can benefit those who have got basic knowledge of Feng Shui and Chinchinaese Astrology.

The ancient Chinese wisdom used to calculate the best time to start a business, invest in property or to start a family. Everything is changing in our wold every day.

To be able to adapt to the changes it is the best to have a personal prediction for the year based on your birth chard. As a result, your plan for the current year will be winning strategy.

Master Kristina is originally a professional teacher with a University degree in Higher Education and PhD Philosophy. She teaches Chue Style Feng Shui to private students and small groups in Britain and Europe.

All courses are based on her studies with Feng Shui Masters and personal research. The study material is built on original case studies, photos, pictures and examples from her own research and Feng Shui consultations in the last 15 years. Her presentations are highly interactive using cutting-edge technology.

You will learn:

  1. BA ZI Calculation of the person in question
  2. Life house calculation for the person in question
  3. Moving life house calculation for the person in question
  4. 12 Mansions Aspects calculation
  5. Good and bad stars, San Sats calculation
  6.  Yin and Yang stars calculation
  7. Leading Yin and Yang stars which control
    White Tiger and those with bad Yin stars

Course information:

–         Start date: 27/01/2018.
–          N of days:  ​2 day​s or 2 x 1 day (optional)
–         School: Imperial School of Professional Feng Shui
–          Level: Practicional training
–          Teacher: Master Kristina Neuhauser
–          Language: English
–          City: Windsor
–          Country: UK
–          Contact: K. Neuhauser
–          Course fee: £186 / day


Course information

–          Start date:  10/11/2018.
–          Finish date: 11/11/2018
–          N of days: 2 days
–          School: Imperial School of Professional Feng Shui
–          Teacher: Master Kristina Neuhauser
–          Language: English
–          City: Windsor
–          Country: UK
–      Course fee: £ 168 per day