Imperial Chinese Astrology

Imperial Chinese horoscope based on the Four Pillars of Wisdom.

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andromeda-galaxy-755442_1280Astrology is not a religion.
You do not have to believe in astrology to participate in a consultation.
It is very simple and practical:
A deep insight into your stars can only help you
to gain better understanding of Yourself.

Imperial Chinese Horoscopes or the so called Four Pillars of Wisdom is the
most accurate of all Astrological systems used by Kings and Emperors.

My promise to you:

As a Horoscope Master, I draw from the experience gained from
many years of private readings. My research how individual Stars can
effect lives provides valuable insights to your chart.
Through the insights available you will gain clarity of the attitudes, reactions
and behaviours that enriched or disrupted your relationships,
career and health in the past. Positive future prediction for the next
10 years will encourage you to live up to your amazing potential.

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Imperial Feng Shui Consultation and Horoscope consultation result

sally ricemanHaving had about five years of challenges in my work and personal life I needed to find someone who could help guide and support me. I wanted to change my work, increase my income and get healthy, but found I was going round and round and not achieving anything. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Kristina who managed so gracefully, to let me see where I was at and what needed to be done to turn my life around. She started by coming to my home and doing a Feng Shui consultation. Then a week later I was given a very in depth Chinese Astrology chart of all predictions for the coming 10 years. Both these worked really well together. For the last 12 months I have followed Kristina’s advice and my new career has blossomed and my income has tripled. My personal relationship has developed into a lifelong partnership and together we are inspired to be healthy and fit! I couldn’t have asked for more. If you are really serious about having the life you deserve, I couldn’t recommend Kristina more highly.

Life coach, celebrity make-up artist and QVC television presenter





Astrological Predictions are not like fortune telling!

An old myth debunked. Astrological Predictions are not like fortune telling (with Gipsy cards nor the likes).

What is the difference between professional Chinese Astrology Predictions and fortune telling?


What is fortune telling?

There is a big difference between predictions and fortune tellings.

Fortune-telling is the practice of foretelling an event in a person’s life. The term fortune-telling implies a less serious setting, even one of popular culture, where there is a belief in occult workings of mysterious forces over the individual’s life. The individual has no responsibility or freedom to act against those forces.

How do astrological predictions differ?

Predictions are more like suggestions of spiritual or practical advisory art considering the Heavenly Stars of the individual. Professional Astrologers in all cultures gave predictions to the Kings and Queens to relay information to them about the influences of the Stars for a period of time.


What is the purpose of the prediction?

For example: to help to make an important life decision a professional astrologer will be able to tell /based upon the analysis of the personal Stars/ if the timing is auspicious for the life decision in question.

This kind of prediction can help the person to make the right choice of action to avoid bad fortune or bad luck.

There is freedom of choice for action and it is the person’s responsibility to follow the advice in the prediction. It is his/her responsibility to recognize the wrong track of habits or behavior and change them.

​The following article is an example for a yearly prediction for Sir Richard Branson’s personal year 2016. It was published in the Chue Foundation Feng Shui newsletter in January 2016.

The article analyses the quality of Heaven Stars and their influences on Richard’s personal luck in 2016. It was a reminder for Richard Branson to be careful and be less adventurous. Especially in August, the Fire Monkey month of the Fire monkey year.

See the article below.

Sir Richard Branson’s Chart

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them … from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it.” – Sir Richard Branson



Sir Richard Branson is a billionaire, self-made man, innovator and researcher.
In July 2015, Forbes listed Sir Richard Branson’s estimated fortune at 5 billion US $.
He founded the Virgin Group that consists of more than 400 companies worldwide.

Pure Heaven Chi makes him very lucky

The Four Pillars in his horoscope have Pure Heaven Chi in them, Yang Earth, Yang Metal, Yang Wood.
So far his life achievements: his extraordinary wealth, worldwide humanitarian activities, generous charities and many companies are testimonials for the great luck and support from Heaven.

Present Life Period

His present Life Period is Gay Yin Earth Stem and Yin Earth Branch Ox. It is money making time where also the females combine to him with great assistance. The proof of this in this present life period his real wealth has already reached 5 billion $.

It has the Tin Yute Gwai Yan as a Guardian Angel protecting his life and his money from major losses.

Financial losses and disasters in the last 5 years of Fate Period

Although he is very lucky in the last 5 years Sir Richard still experienced some financial losses.

When did they happen?

21st August 2011 – Fire on Necker Island
Fire Monkey month, Fire Monkey day

His so called Great House burned down in a blaze believed to be caused by lightning from the Tropical Storm „Irene”. At the time the house was occupied by as many as 20 guests, with Branson himself staying in a residence nearby. All 20 of the guests escaped unhurt from the burning house, which according to Branson was totally destroyed. This happened in a Fire Monkey month on a Fire Monkey day.


15th August 2012 – Virgin Trains loses West Coast Mainline franchise
Monkey month, Monkey day

In August 2012, the franchise for the West Coast Main Line, managed by Virgin Rail since 1997, came to an end. The contract was awarded to a competitor called FirstGroup. It happened in a Monkey month.



Prediction for Sir Richard’s upcoming year

2016 is his Tai Soi year, because he has double Tiger in his horoscope. How does it relate to the Monkey year? The Monkey and the Tiger are in opposition to each other. These are polarized souls. The Monkey in opposition to the Tiger means dangers, mishaps or calamities. As we have seen above in 2011 and in 2012, the Monkey months did not bring Sir Richard any good luck.

It is advisable for Sir Richard to be extremely careful in his manners, avoid adventurous behavior in the Fire Monkey month between 8th August 2016 and 8th September 2016 and also to wear red color and protective stones all year around. Why is this protection necessary?

See what happened to Sir Richard on an inauspicious day in August this year.

Sir Richard published an article on about his “unfortunate adventure” on Gorda Virgin Island.

See other pictures on

The newest plan of Richard Branson is to invest in Saudi Arabia’s tourism project.



If you please, I advise you to seek astrological advice before you make life decisions or you feel that you are facing adversities in your present life.

Wishing you good luck and long and prosperous life!

Master Kristina Neuhauser
Dr. Phil.