Yearly Fate and a Life House Calculation Research

„Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

– Lao Tzu

Since historical times people seemed to have had great interest in Human Fate or Destiny wishing to know what the future can possibly hold for them. Fear of poverty, sickness or early death or the other way around: carrier success and fame were some of the many reasons for the curiosity about one’s personal Destiny or Future. In the old days the main source of prophecies were books of Fate, astrology readings and Oracles. In our western culture the most well- known books of prophetic nature were the Books of the Old Testament. In the classical Chinese Literature we have got the famous Book of Tao Te Ching – which is a collection of wisdom-sayings. This work is traditionally not described but attributed to the sage of Lao Tzu the father of Taoism.



Yearly Fate and Life House Calculation

Being taught by Grand Master Chan in the course of many years about Fate Calculation I took a long – term interest in this calculation method, as an addition to the Four pillar, BA ZI analysis. Thankfully, in the course of the above many years Grand Master Chan added more and more information to the personal Fate calculation.

The Four Pillar     astrology BA ZI   is the basis of the classical Chinese horoscopes. In our Chue Style Astrology we use the personal Fate evaluation as well to calculate the moving Life House or the ’San Ming’.     The translation of ’San Ming’ in English means: Heaven’s Fate or Destiny. To calculate the Moving Life House Branch we need the Birth hour   and the Month Branch      with reference to the 24 Chis of the month. Hence the own BA ZI chart will be taken into account but not fully.

What are the benefits of the Personal Fate         analysis for any given year?

You will be able to learn how:

  • to protect yourself in times of difficulties or calamities
  • to knowledge how take care of your health throughout the given year
  • to reach your full potential in your Carrier and in Finances in the given year
  • to find your lucky opportunities in the 12 Mansions of your individual Life House


In historical times in China the Imperial Court (and the Ruling Classes) had their Imperial Astrology for themselves. So as time passed there was a growing demand for a kind of fortune-telling which derived from the common people’s wish to be prepared for the coming year.

In my view, without the yearly Personal Fate Calculation Analysis of one’s Chinese Horoscope would be incomplete as they are inseparably linked together. Today, in and out of China the practice of the personal Fate calculation is a common practice.

A historical example for the personal Fate Calculation

Photo: Tim Graham


Lady Diana’s birth chart with the 8 characters of BA ZI.

Princess Diana born on July 1, 1961 at 5:45 am


Life House            Hour                             Day                     Month                Year






For Lady Diana’ s Personal Fate Analysis we shall consider the followings:

  • the supportive elements of her BA ZI
  • the avoid elements of her BA ZI
  • the Good Luck pillar for the given year of the research
  • her Original Life House pillar
  • the Life House pillar of the given year is MAY
  • the year 1997 – the year of her death is DING , CHOW

Her original Life House pillar shows the Stem of SUN Yin Metal and the branch MAY Yin Earth.

The Life House Stem and Branch are determined by the progress of the Earth around the planet Sun. As we all know the Birth Hour’s position is according to the Earth’s location in relation to the planet Sun.


In Diana’s birth chart the following  basic clashes can be found:

  • Clash between her Birth Year Branch which is the Ox/CHOW Yin Earth and her original Life House Branch Sheep MAY Yin Earth. This is a significant clash and it indicates her Fate in Life.
  • In her BA ZI chart the CHOW Ox Yin Earth as the Metal tomb is the year Branch and it clashes with the MAY  Day branch, the Wooden tomb.
  • MAY Yin earth / wooden tomb  = Sheep and  CHOW  Yin earth Metal tomb clash can be a prognoses for marriage problems. The Day Master Branch Element is related to the husband or male partner / boyfriend  in a female horoscope.
  • According to the clash between the Life House Branch and the Year Branch MAY and CHOW  (sheep and ox) her marital problems can be persistent in the course of her whole life. This position came ahead especially when the Life House Branch MAY     Sheep met the Year’s   CHOWBranch in 1997.
  • This clash between her Birth Year Branch then the year’s Branch 1997 made a double clash to her Life House branch. It became even stronger as a FAN TAI SUI crash on top of the existing conflict and crash. As we know in the Chinese Horoscope the FAN TAI SUI is the time of calamity, misfortune or even disaster.






Major fate pillar in the given period of time:

Diana’s Fate Pillar had in the given period of time the MOW Yang Earth as a stem and SUTE  as branch also Yang Earth. They are both avoid elements for her BA ZI.

  • the unsupportive Earth elements became overpowering and crashing down on the Day Stem Branch  MAYand  Life House Branch  MAY. This is also a double crash.
  • the Palace MAO is very weak unable to support her out from the above crashes


The SAN SATS for Diana:

The YUTE  Day Stem is drained by the DINGyear Stem 1997. Her year Stem is SUN  Yin Metal controlled by DING year Stem of the year 1997. There were no good Yin SAN SATs to control the bad ones in the Fate Pillar.

There were no good Yang SAN SATs to control the negative influence of the Yin stars. QUA SUK and WAH KOI are the Yang SAN SATs.

QUA SUK means female sleeps alone. WAH KOI is the lonely star. So it is a clear indication of her feeling lonely and helpless in the given time.

The dominant and overwhelming amount of the Earth elements: MOW , SUTE , CHOW , MAY  in a MAO  Palace and their double clashes all led to her death in the tunnel under the earth 21 years ago. Her destiny according to the stars of the Personal Fate Analysis was tragic.


“Knowing others is intelligence;

knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength;

mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu


Dr. Kristina Neuhauser Master BA ZI

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