Master Kristina’s Clutter Clearing Magic

Master Kristina’s Clutter Clearing Magic

I encourage you to open your mind to the opportunity that clutter clearing may be exactly what you need. Not only will you make room for what you want, but you can learn how to help others get what they want in life.

So join to this inner journey with my course. You will soon understand it is not about the clutter – it is about using clutter to cover an unfulfilled need. So I encourage you to learn how to let go of things you do not need.

Just a few stories of how I have affected people’s lives. Master Kristina has developed an exclusive and uncommon and powerful clutter clearing method of the consultation. Her method is effective, long-lasting and gets to the root cause of why people accumulate clutter.

Here are just a several amazing stories from some of Master Kristina’s Clutter Clearing clients.

Jane’s story
Jane had lost her husband of 36 years, but she had not removed/eliminated of any his properties. It had been six years since he passed away and Jane felt that her life stopped when she lost him. Master Kristina lightly clarified that Jane could keep all the amazing/fantastic memories that they had together, and still discard/donate Sam’s things. After the clutter clearing was done, Jane told Master Kristina that she thought eliminating Sam’s things would be like losing Sam again so she had been afraid. But instead, she felt immensely lighter and it had even felt like Sam was at her side, encouraging her. Jane said she would never forget what Master Kristina had done for her that it felt like a miracle and she was ready to start a whole new cycle of life.

Susan’s story
Susan’s kids had left home, but every nook and cranny was filled with things from her years of being a stay-at-home mom. The double car garage was full with clutter and unnecessary things. There was not even space for her car and every counter in her home was stacked with items. She had not been successful getting a job or stepping into a new career and heard that clutter clearing could help. With Master Kristina’s help and kind consultation Susan’s home became lighter, brighter and clutter free. Susan said that it was like a magic because after finishing the clutter clearing, job offers began to flock in. She got an amazing and well-paid job that she loves. She is working in a day care center and she told everyone that it happened due to Master Kristina and her clutter clearing advices, which changed her life.

Helen’s story
Helen regularly felt exhausted. She associated it to menopause and to getting older. One of her friends recommended clutter clearing. Helen did not imagine how that would work for her, but she believed in her friend and got in touch with Master Kristina. Over the clutter clearing course which took many weeks, as Helen worked with Master Kristina, her energy level seriously raised/boosted. Furthermore, Helen began to lose weight without dieting. Master Kristina told her that this was not rare, for as we lose weight from our home and from our heart and soul as well, we lose weight from our bodies.

James’ and Caroline’s story
James and his wife, Caroline, contracted Master Kristina to help them clear their home. James’ job had been cut back and although he had some possibilities for work, nothing was panning out. They had heard that clutter clearing and Feng Shui could help them with finances and they were eager to try anything. During Master Kristina’s consultation, they went through the house and made some general Feng Shui changes and clearing in each room. James and Caroline were amazed by the results:

  • James got a great job quickly after finishing the clutter clearing
  • Abundance/Prosperity seemed to flow into their life in so many other ways.

For example, Caroline’s Great Aunt left her a sizable/substantial chunk of money.  James and Caroline talk endlessly to everyone that Master Kristina’s clutter clearing magic had made the difference in their life and Master Kristina’s client load spreaded as a result.

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