Life decision made easy with the help of Date Selection

Life decision made easy with the help of Date Selection

One of my lady clients asked me to help her with a life decision.

She had the following question:

Shall i quit my job?

When is the best time to submit my resignation?

The answer was very difficult for her as she had a well paid job and has been promoted as well.

After four years as European Brand Manager in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry in London she found herself exhausted and faced with continuous challenges at work. Despite being successful in her role she felt trapped and considered a change. That is the time when she came to consult with me. To start with, I made her BA ZI horoscope analysis.

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The analysis revealed that she has a strong Yin Wooden chart Yute Mow born in Quai Hoi year. Last year in Quai Hoi month (pig month) she had good chance to change her career and get more support for her future ambitious plans. As Quai is her Year Stem and combines to her Month Branch and Day Branch Mow resulting three combination Wood. The strength and the support of the month gives a chance for her to change with great success.

With the help of date selection i picked the suitable date and exact time to resign from her position.

November 2013 as Dig Fire day representing her career. November is Quai Hoi month giving more power to her Wood element to feed the Fire (career). The Eastern Guardian Angel (Tin Yute Gwan Yan) help was there for her on the day. The Year Stem Quai and Month Stem Quai combines to the Hour Stem making Fire combination helping her career aspect strongly.

Major Fate Period she is Sute combines to her Day Brunch Mow resulting in strengthening Fire that is her career aspect. Fate Period Stem Yum combined to the Ding Fire Day forming Wood element supporting her self element. The Hour Branch Shen combines to theYear Branch Jee forming a Water combination that is feeding the Wood.

The creative cycle of the elements: Water feeding the Wood, Wood feeding the Fire was the requirement for the successful date selection because Fire is our career element in this case.

She confirmed:

Having pickedthe right date did not just feel great but it translated into me receiving a settlement that was several thousand pounds greater than expected as well as leaving my positin on good terms and finding a new job immediately.”

When she initially consulted me, she was unhappy in her job, lived in a loveless relationship and felt very disconcerted by the future.  Thanks to the date selection techniques and insight into her personal astrological chart, i could advise her on the right steps to take at the right time. She now has a fulfilling and well-paid job in the non-profit sector, live in a new and healthy environment. She has a new partnership which she found exactly in the time frame that was also predicted by my analysis.

She now has greater control over her actions and can put her money, energy and peace of mind to good use.

Date of Resignation: 15-17h, 7th November 2013

Kwa number analysis: 15-17h, 7th November 2013

Number 4 Metal feeding Water, number 6 Water adding up to 10 which is good luck so the Year Star number and the Day Star number together with the Month Star number adding up to 10, lucky.

The harmony of Fate number three times 6, same family.

Thank you for Grand Master Chan for teaching Date Selection to me, helping me to make human lives better.

Master Kristina Neuhauser

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