I-Ching Reading

Symbol system used to identify order in chance events

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The I-Ching is one of the oldest classic Chinese texts. Open your mind and spirit to the ancient mysteries of the I-Ching.

The study of Feng Shui rests upon many foundations, but the most significant of them all is the I Ching (Book of Changes).  The origin of the I Ching dates back thousands of years with Fu Hsi, a legendary emperor who formulated a language to represent Yin and Yang.
A solid line           represents Yang and a broken line            represents Yin.

In the beginning, there was one universal energy. One gave birth to two – male and female – Yang and Yin.
Two gave birth to four – the four directions, the four seasons – together with the centre, these made up the Five Elements.
Four gave birth to eight – representing the 8 trigrams.

When the Yang and Yin lines are arranged in sets of threes, there are only 8 possible combinations.  An arrangement of 3 lines in known as a trigram (gua).  Hence the popular term Ba Gua – meaning 8 trigrams.  Fu Hsi gave each trigram a name related with an aspect of Nature.  Each trigram can be further classified as Yang or Yin (male or female), family member, element and aspect of life.

Hexagram examples


Its meaning is Power.
The birth of something great is near.
You will be an important factor in a new endeavor that will grow and regenerate forever.



Its meaning is Acquiescing.
Be loyal, diligent, humble and modest in all your undertakings.
Never stray from your principles and learn from experience.
Perseverance will lead to great things.



Its meaning is Accumulating.
Gather your strength.
Take new directions and push forward.
Your beginning might be challenging, but with cautious movement and thought your goals will be reached.


ignoranceIts meaning is Ignorance.
Make sure subordinates understand you mean what you say.
Strict structure and rules will inspire growth.


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