How to enjoy Wintertime 2019

How to enjoy Wintertime 2019

Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers
Kahlil Gibran 

Winter is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere. In Chinese Feng Shui and Astrology the winter season is assigned to the North direction  and the water element.

In November  ,December  and January  the air is cold and wet due to the high humidity. November the Pig month  and December the Rat month are assigned to the  water element in the Chinese calendar . January is the ox month  ,although it has the earth element . This earth has metal and water in its hidden elements. So the strength and amount of water is

increasing month by month and it reaches its peak in December and still stong in January. The quality of the fire element, the Sun is the weakest at the time of Dung Gee/ Winter Solstice/.

This year we had Dung Gee on  December 22nd 2018.


The energy of  2019 shows the characteristics of Yin energy.

The cold weather is continuing in January with Slight cold /Siu Hohn/ as of January 6th, at the beginning of the Ox month. Then with the second Chi, Great cold is coming /Dai Hohn/ on the 20th January 2019.

So the quality of Chi  in the Year of the Pig is Yin,
Yin energy is slower than Yang energy.

As a Feng Shui practitioner I advise my clients to prepare for slow moving  energies in many areas of life in communication,travel  and finances in any Yin year.

It can happen that  if  a certain amount of  money due to be paid out to you it could arrive later than you expected it.

How to enjoy Wintertime

In this season it is advisable to pay special attention to certain organs in our body   which are associated with the water element.

 They are as  follows: kidneys, bladder, urinary organs, ears and bones.

 In Traditional Chinese Medicine /TCM/ the above organs  represent the Water element just like the winter season .

Therefor it is not advisable to drink too much water in Winter.
Especially cold water can damage your kidneys and bladder.

It is also important to dress with layers for protecting your kidney area and wear warm shoes & socks . Make sure that your feet do not get wet.
To protect your kidney, specific Qi Gong exercises are perfect.

In the winter season  plants store the chi in the roots.
Similarly in our body: the pulse of Chi for Winter is stored in the bladder and in our feet.

Men should be careful with their sexual energy in the Wintertime. It can be easily reduced if they have too much sexual activity during this season!

It dries and decreases the levels of Qi in the whole body.

 The winter season’s Qi will challenge our bodies to get ready for the next season.If you can manage  and store your Qi well  during the winter season you will be well prepared for the rest of the new year.

If we do not follow the natural laws how to handle  Yin energy in our body in Winter, we may get sick l easily . During Winter, we are preparing to produce our vitality  for the  Spring season like nature does.

How to use our common sense to store the energy and stay healthy in winter?

It is very simple;


– Dress with layers

– Do Qi Gong exercises

– Go to sleep early and rise later

– Reduce your sexual activities

– Eat more dark colored foods, spicy foods, red meats,

                                                                                                                                        and rich foods

– Drink red wine in measure

Enjoy wintertime and a coming Pig year!


Kristina Neuhauser

Feng Shui Practitioner

Ba Zi Master

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