Good and bad Feng Shui in bedroom

Good and bad Feng Shui in bedroom

The principal function of a bedroom is to promote restful sleep. The arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom should support the healthy sleep and not disturb it. The colours in the bedroom should be calm and subtle so that harmony and peace ensured in the room all the time. What is the best type of furniture for a bedroom? Which colours are suitable for the bedroom? Please look at the pictures below and decide for yourself. Put your Feng Shui glasses on and see the two bedrooms through those Feng Shui eyes.
Bedroom number 1.

Red colour bedspread and black and white colour picture above the headboard of the bed add to the extremes of this bedroom.
What is your feeling about this bedroom? Do you know why it is bad Feng Shui?

Can you see where the poison energy moving in this bedroom? Could you imagine that you have a good refreshing sleep in this bedroom? You can answer these questions for yourself as the comments above speak for themselves.

Bedroom number 2.

What is your feeling about this environment? Do you know why it is good Feng Shui?

Can you see the gentle energy movement in this room? Can you imagine how your sleep would be restful and rejuvenative in this welcoming environment? Answer these questions for yourself.

How about your bedroom? What is the energy movement in your bedroom? Is it conducive to healthy, restful sleep?

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