Feng Shui Garden and Landscape

I invite you to watch and enjoy this free video about the Chinese Garden of Chinese emperors.


“All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds.
Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature.”
Rudolf Steiner

Garden Feng Shui principles according to Traditional Chinese Wisdom

  • Use the existing natural landforms, shapes and colours in your garden
  • A well-placed water feature is also advisable
  • The aim is to create a harmonious and peaceful space.

If you are planning to have a water feature in your garden it is the best is to ask Master Kristina about the basic Feng Shui guidelines.

Which direction should the water flow?
Ask Master Kristina to get the best result of wealth and health.

Water element is very beneficial in the following directions:

  • East,
  • Southeast,
  • North

To locate your water feature there ask help from Master Kristina

It is better to have the water flow towards your house. To consider many factors such as the size of your garden and its design, the number of fountains you need professional help.
It is better to ask Master Kristina why.


Water is an ancient symbol of wealth and abundance,but you have to know how to make it flow towards your house rather than away from it.

A beautiful Feng Shui garden will have a water feature.
Ask Master Kristina how to design it for your garden. 


For more information about the consultation,
please contact Master Kristina


I invite you to watch this free video about the courtyard


Dear Master Kristina,

garden with pondI would like to thank you for improving the site of the house and to enhance the Qi quality of the environment in which we live. Thank you for a successful Feng Shui garden design  to balance the Tiger and Dragon side.

The Auspicious form of the garden gate and the path leading up to the gate, catching the Benevolent Chi from the road. Behind the fence the water feature makes the sound of metal coins already attracted more money to us. The form of the water feature is number 8, meaning perfect continuity and prosperity for my business. This success is due to the fact that all the design was done according to Feng Shui numbers. The water feature was turned on as you instructed on the best date selected to
increase finical rewards. Great job! Thank you!