Clutter in wrong area could slow you down

The good news about having clutter is that it is a clear indication that you have an interesting life. We are too busy to always carefully put everything away after completing a project.

We are often rushed before friends visit or before we go out, so the offending mess gets stashed in a closet, cabinet, or drawer. It seems to take more time and energy than we are willing to give to always consider (a) whether we still need whatever it is or (b) where we are likely to look for it when the need arises.

Even the most Metal of people have parts of their homes where clutter congregates. While the appearance of a Metal person’s home may seem pristine to a guest, behind some closed door is a bunch of stuff stashed there before you arrived.

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And it stays there, joined by other stuff on similar occasions until clutter tolerance is reached. Which may be months or years.

What is interesting from a feng shui perspective is: where in your home does clutter tend to recur? Is it a guest closet? The laundry room? Your closet? The kitchen pantry? An “extra” dressing room or bath?

And what part of the feng shui grid or bagua corresponds to your clutter area/s?

A client had a desire to do fine art photography. She felt if she only had a studio, her dreams would come true. After she provided herself with a wonderful workspace, she still never seemed to have the time to devote to her art. Then she discovered, the area of her home where clutter continually recurred was in the Creativity area.

When she cleared out that area, time was available for her art photography. As it became cluttered again, she noticed her momentum slowed as if walking in mud. Finally, she cleared it out and assigned a specific purpose to that area.

The reality it that clutter is going to collect somewhere. However, if you choose the part of the feng shui grid associated with your strongest element or a part of your life that is resilient, it will do you the least harm there.

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Perhaps you have no desire to travel. Temporary clutter in the Travel area of the grid will do you no harm. If you are a very spiritual, contemplative person, clutter in the Spirituality, Knowledge, and Self Knowledge area may be your best choice.

A Wood person who is physically healthy and comfortable relationships with family members could assign a cabinet or closet in that area of the feng shui grid. However, if your physical stamina is low or you are working to improve Family relationships, this part of the grid is the most important for you to clear and keep cleared.

Wherever clutter occurs it creates blocks. Think of it like cholesterol in your arteries. When the clutter is removed so are the blocks to your coveted desires.

And it just plain feels good as the weight of your past is released, recycled, removed.

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