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Chinese Astrology & Ba Zi Courses

BA ZI Authentic Chinese horoscope based on the Four Pillars of Wisdom.

Your best chances for partnership, business and career. The ancient Chinese wisdom is also used to calculate the best time to start a business, invest in property or start a family. After completing the course you will be able to come up with new insights into your present condition.

Master Kristina is originally a professional teacher with a University degree in Higher Education and PhD Philosophy. She teaches Chue Style Feng Shui to private students and small groups in Britain and Europe.

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All courses are based on her studies with Feng Shui Masters and personal research. The study material is built on original case studies, photos, pictures and examples from her own research and Feng Shui consultations in the last 15 years. Her presentations are highly interactive using cutting-edge technology.

Feng Shui Consultation and Horoscope consultation result

For five years I worked in the recruitment industry in London, UK—one of the
toughest markets I have ever worked in. After four years of hard work, I found I was in an up-hill struggle and even though I put in in 65 hour work weeks, neither my professional career, nor my personal life were going the direction I wanted them to go.

That is when I consulted with Feng Shui Master, Dr Neuhauser. She advised me to change countries and to resign from the job I had, where I was earning good money but  at the same time, I was not happy with. I opted for an auspicious date selection with Dr Neuhauser and I asked her whether I could go back to Hungary—my native country—whether that was the right decision, whether I would be happy there both personally and professionally. Dr Neuhauser gave me a very precise answer including a very precise date to resign from the company I worked at—i.e. 09.09.2009 at 09.09hrs in the morning. At the precise time and date, I closed my eyes and clicked on the mouse button, thereby sending my resignation. The company I resigned from was firing people and did not pay out any bonuses to anyone who left. I seemed to be the exception! They paid me my royalties for another six months–unlike any other! I then proceeded to move countries and started my own new business in sports management, which is now growing at an incredible pace. I have also found my life’s partner, whom I now live happily together with. I highly recommend Dr Neuhauser’s service—it is reliable, professional,
accurate. It saves you valuable time, money and energy!

Sport Manager U.K.


Introduction to Chinese Astrology

Physical connections

With Chinese astrology you can learn about the profound influence of the birth chart over your life. You will meet the Eastern zodiac animal “that hides in your heart” according to the Chinese tradition. We examine sample Horoscopes whether they are strong or weak. We study how to interpret physical signs in the horoscope and relate them to the character.

This course gives you the basic tools how to cast your own Chinese horoscope.

Chinese Horoscopes Seminar Part I

Intellectual & Emotional connections

This course enhances the tools how to examine a horoscope in the solar and lunar astrology. We explore the intellectual compatibility of the character based on the Star-constellations of the eastern zodiac. We look at all the elements in the natal chart and examine how element deficiencies can be remedied. Lunar signs ruling the month, the day and the hour of your birth will be analysed to discover the person you truly are.


Chinese Horoscopes Seminar Part II

Spiritual connections

The secret chemistry of long lasting relationships With the knowledge gained here you learn how to combine your and your partner’s spiritual, emotional and physical energies to achieve harmony and complete happiness. You will not only be able to understand yourself but also predict the course and nature of your personal and professional relationships in any given year.

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