Feng Shui can guide first impressions in your home

What do you see when you first awaken in the morning? When you enter each room in your home? When you drive up to your office? When you open your office door? When you drive into your garage? When you enter your home? First impressions are lasting impressions. They set the tone of how you […]

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Summer Chi

Summer is activity time! The days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer because the increased amount of sunshine. In May, June, and July the air is the warmest and the quality of Chi is Yang. This type of energy tells us to be cautious especially in countries of the South like the Mediterranean, North-Africa or […]

Yin and Yang as reflection of the Universe

Yin and Yag as reflection of the Universe All practitioners are aware that the understanding of the Yin and Yang philosophy is great importance in Feng Shui. Most of us recognize the symbol but few realize the depth and wisdom contained within. The White and the Black areas are often mixed up in books as […]