Eye to eye with President Trump

Eye to eye with President Trump
What does the face 45th President of the USA tell us?

A typical round Earth face


Donald Trump during the presidential election campaign and after his inauguration as the 45th President of the USA was very often seen in the media.

I took interest in the President’s face and body shape. I put together a little research based on the following features: nose, eyebrows, ears, eyes and body shape.
Let’s have a look at President Trump’s face.



Nose is the so-called moneybox in Chinese Face Reading. His nose reflects solid moneybox and his substantial wealth. He has a meaty nose with nostrils that are not open to our eyes, then this implies that he has good money Chi. It is easy for him to ​keep his wealth.


Bushy eyebrow:

​His e​yebrows are thick and ​bushy​. He ​enjoy​s​ being in control and exudes ​strong ​masculinity. ​As he has a protruding brow bone, ​it shows that ​he ​can be very controlling.


​Because his ear​s are long and large it indicates he can maintain health through old age. His earlobes are attached to the side of his face. It is a sign that ​he cares about family affairs and he can be attached to his family members.


He has deep-set eyes with a narrow and probing look​. He seems to have a tendency to be too analytical and critical.


His chin is showing ambition, determination and practicality.

Let’s see how these characteristics show in President Trump’s life.


His millions started to come from the hotel business. His famous Grand Hyatt refurbishment made him New York City best known and financially successful developer. He was involved in casino gambling business in New Jersey and Atlantic City. He made multi-million investments as Trump Plaza, Trump Tower, Trump Taj Mahal. He is one of the wealthiest persons who became a US President.


He has got five children and he has got eight grandchildren.

His children, his son-in-laws, his family members like brother, they all participate in his corporation and benefit from his wealth.


After his inauguration, his first order as president stood to minimize the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. He started the construction projects to build a new Mexico border wall and reinforce border security. These orders also show strong controlling side of his character.

He was born on a Yin Earth day in a Yin Earth month . His body and face are showing the characteristic forms of the same Earth element. His body is big and stout. No wonder he became famous!

Picture from Networthq.com

Text from Master Kristina

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